Tips & Tricks
ClipHanger™ on Camera Phones
Cliphanger will not interfere with camera phone operation. See our Using Cliphanger video for tips. 

Universal Mounting
Don't have a line to hang on? ClipHanger's™  plastic hook accessory attaches to any flat surface. 


Stick, Clip, Hang, & Go

Stick ClipHanger™  to your device:

Clean (preferably with rubbing alcohol) & dry the device's surface. The mobile device, the ClipHanger™ and the tape should be room-temperature.

Remove one side of the tape backing and attach to the ClipHanger™. Press firmly.

Locate the top of ClipHanger™ above the device's edge to allow enough room for a finger or thumb to slip through the loop.

Remove other side of tape backing and position ClipHanger™
in place. Press firmly and hold about 2-3 minutes.

Note: Adhesive tape offers a one-time bond. If the ClipHanger™ needs to be removed, rotate with a constant, firm, twisting motion. The tape will not damage or mark the device, but it cannot be reapplied.  See Buy Now for additional adhesives.

Hang ClipHanger™  where you need it:

To hold your device with the aid of the ClipHanger™
, simply put your finger through the loop. ClipHanger's™ shape and size accommodates a comfortable grip.

To hang ClipHanger™ , place the device in your right hand. Flex the free end of the Cliphanger away from the device by pushing it with your index finger or thumb, as shown at right. Put the free end through your pant loop or purse strap.

To remove/unhook the ClipHanger™, pull your device up and away from your pant loop or purse strap. The end of the ClipHanger™ will flex and slide free.